Bristol Leaders Programme hosted by SI Partners' Charles Fallon

Offered exclusively to members of Bristol Media, the programme consists of five, two hour workshops ‘designed to challenge accepted thinking, offering ideas and tools that leaders can immediately deploy to improve their business’.

The first workshop, which will take place on 16 April, will focus solely on business growth, giving attendees an insight on the challenges of delivering and maintaining sustainable growth. Charles will hold an in depth discussion on SI Partners’ 6Ps model for successful agencies, aiming to provide those in attendance with the insights, language and framework that will deliver behavioural and commercial change to drive growth.

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The seminars, through a combination of theory, experience and practical exercises, will provide an insight on pressing topics for agency leadership teams, including the characteristics of a great leader, understanding and managing talent, profit and turning IP into products. It is hoped that this series of seminars will culminate in attendees obtaining the knowledge and confidence to successfully lead their business.

The series, which will be held monthly until September and will take place at The Brewhouse, Tower Hill in Bristol.

Register now for the Bristol Leaders Programme and learn how to create equity value in your business and build your agency of the future. Email to book your place. 

For further information, visit the Bristol Media website.