The rise of IT Services M&A

IT services M&A trends update: Tristan Rice in conversation with Alistair Angus

One trend we continue to see across the globe is that there is strong demand for good skills. M&A has slowed across some sectors in recent months, but by no means is this the case across all sectors. The impact of Covid-19 has not been equal or fair. One sector in which we are seeing persisting acquirer interest and continued activity despite the trading circumstances of this year, is IT Services. This demand for IT services skills is also particularly present in Asia.

Tristan Rice, SI Partners European MD, interviews Alistair Angus, our Global CEO, based in Singapore, to understand what is driving acquirer demand in the IT services and digital transformation space, what types of acquirers are most active, what the PE play is, where geographically we are seeing a focus, and what factors are most important to acquirers in an M&A opportunity.