SI Partners Marcoms M&A Update

SI Partners’ Tristan Rice discusses the marcoms M&A climate, the consultants and traditional marcoms acquirers in his creative and technology M&A market update.  


Tristan Rice Creative M&A Market Update SI Partners Global MAY 2018-1 

One of the current talking points in the marcoms M&A landscape is the future of the global holding companies. Tristan speaks of the challenges presented for these companies, such as client demand for media transparency in addition to increased competition coming from the likes of Accenture and other big names entering the space. 

Tristan also discusses the rate at which acquisitions are taking place. In spite of increasingly fewer acquisitions by the global holding companies, there has still been a healthy number of agency acquisitions globally in the markets in which SI Partners operates; “There’s a host of other non-traditional buyers in the market for agencies, from media owners to software engineers”.

Watch the video to hear Tristan’s comments on the current Marcoms M&A landscape in full:


Tristan Rice M&A Update