Business Growth Strategy Services

Our purpose is to unlock the potential of our clients’ businesses. We do this by advising on how to create and manage all aspects of growth, so that you can confidently innovate and evolve at pace with competitors.

A focus on talent and technology

Marcoms, creative and tech-enabled sectors are highly disruptive. Developing a clear and effective growth strategy that aligns with stakeholders’ ambitions is a unique challenge in these industries, but one that we have in-depth experience in managing.

Taking a sector-focused approach, we will give you actionable advice on how to plan for growth and manage your continued expansion in a way that generates sustainable returns and appeals to potential acquirers.

Our business growth strategy services include:

  • Strategic options review
  • Strategic growth planning
  • Advisor to the board
  • Structuring management incentives

In-depth analysis of your business growth potential

Our experience engaging with a wide range of creative, marketing, data and digital transformation businesses has given us a wealth of insights, benchmark data and contacts. On top of this expertise, our daily contact with investors and acquirers equips us with a unique understanding of the current market. Using this knowledge, we can provide you with an in-depth report that sets your business against the known measures and criteria that acquirers use to assess suitability and strategic fit.

During our review and strategic growth planning stages, we work with the shareholders to understand their goals and provide clear analysis of the business’s financial performance. Armed with this in-depth analysis, we will give you recommendations to articulate the growth plan and position your business to acquirers.


Managing relationships through business growth

For many businesses, growth plans quickly become misaligned with individual aspirations. We tackle this issue by holding shareholders to account on their roles and responsibilities and by resolving misalignment where it occurs, so that everyone delivers against the agreed plan.

We also provide ongoing advice on value creation as your business develops. Our M&A growth advisors will highlight strategic expansion opportunities and advise you on decisions that will affect attractiveness and valuation with potential growth partners.


Advisor to the Board

The SI Partners team has a wealth of experience as founders of and non-executive directors to a range of businesses from marketing and communications agencies to tech-driven innovators. We provide expert, honest counsel to help you better understand and deliver your growth ambitions.


For more information about SI Partners’ strategic growth consultancy services, get in touch with Joe Hine (Europe) or Alyssiah Tsui (APAC) or Charles Fallon (US) for an introductory meeting.