Talent, Leadership and Culture

How do you attract, retain and motivate your talent? How do you become a better leader?

Human capital is far scarcer than financial capital. We support our clients to build innovative talent-based businesses through leadership coaching and development, talent profiling and insights, and culture and proposition development services that put talent at the heart of the business.

At the heart of every successful business is strong culture and set of values – how do you create a values-based culture? And how do you move from a founder-led culture to an established organisational culture?

SI Partners provides culture and proposition, team profiling and insights advice to support leaders develop successful organisational culture. SI Partners supports its clients through Talent and Leadership Coaching and Development, Management Incentives, Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes, and Roles and Responsibilities services.

Talent and Leadership Coaching and Development

We work exclusively with talent-based businesses, leveraging our consultancy heritage to give frank, honest and succinct advice that supports our clients throughout the lifecycle of their business. Our purpose is to help our clients realise their ambitions through insightful, actionable and impactful advice. Our talent and leadership coaching and development services, which include top team coaching, leadership team development, leadership coaching, RACI workshops, and roles and responsibility planning build platforms have provided platforms for growth for some of the industry’s best-known businesses.

Management Incentives, Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes & Roles and Responsibilities

SI Partners helps its clients grow by incentivising and aligning management on the future of the business.

Galvanising your agency’s team around a common objective and creating a mechanism for the team to participate in the value they create is incredibly motivating and can create sustainable long term growth.

SI Partners supports its clients in creating a platform for growth and building a valuable and saleable agency by: Co-creating growth plans with senior management teams; devising efficient and effective management remuneration, including share schemes (under EMI in the UK) and importantly, communicating this effectively with management to create desired behavioural change; and balancing roles and responsibilities of the senior management team. 

For more information about SI Partners talent, leadership and culture consultancy services, get in touch with Tristan Rice (Europe) or Hattie Marsden (APAC) or Charles Fallon (US) for an introductory meeting.