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The Buyer/Seller Disconnect - Special Report

Special report examining the disconnect between buyer and seller strategic priorities.

The changing marketing services and creative M&A landscape and the new buyers in the market has evolved what drives deals and what determines value in sale.


What are acquirers looking for?

SI Partners new research reveals what agencies believe acquirers are looking for, the gap between what agency leaders think acquirers want, and what acquirers actually want.


What levers should you be pulling to build value in your creative agency business? And how can you make your business attractive to acquirers to achieve a premium in sale?


We surveyed 600 leaders across 16 countries to assess how important agency leaders perceive: growth, fame, offer, profitability, client portfolio, succession management, leadership and culture, to be to buyers, measuring percieved acquirer priorities against our experience of what acquirers are really looking for in today's market.


Download our Buyer/Seller Disconnect Special Report for the findings.