Alistair Angus talks Expanding into Asia with Conversation360

SI Partners’ Alistair Angus talks with Susan Bird as part of Conversation360, the Asia and the West podcast series, discussing the challenges in taking a business global, expanding into Hong Kong and APAC.


The discussion touched on a number of topics including views on leadership, the changes that are currently being observed in Asia and the West, talent and culture, providing an in-depth insight to the contrast between operating in the West and the East.

Susan and Alistair discuss SI Partners' decision to expand into Asia 8 years ago, why the region is worthy of the hype for Western businesses and the challenges the region presents.  One of the main concerns can be language barriers and resulting communication challenges. Alistair spoke on the need to build a mutual trust between the parties involved, emphasising the importance of face to face conversations with clients, in addition to how crucial it is to both export your cultural DNA and employ local experts.

Susan also questioned why SI Partners chose to come to Hong Kong to expand the business rather than more obvious choices such as New York. Alistair highlighted the thriving market, excitement and energy in Hong Kong in addition to the opportunity for growth, among other advantages, of operating in this particular area.

Listen to the full podcast for more on expanding your business into Asia.