Disruption creates opportunity

Disruption creates opportunity, and we’ve noticed a palpable sense of optimism in recent months. In part two of our four-part series, Thriving in Uncertain Times, we explore Growth and what unexpected and unique opportunities have come about in the midst of the pandemic.

History has shown us that the most successful businesses thrive in times of uncertainty and use the challenges of adversity to find new opportunities. So, what are companies doing differently in these truly exceptional times of COVID19, a recession and Brexit to drive growth?



We speak to Michael Wall - CEO of Mother, Emily Heyward - Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Red Antler, Jonny Tooze - CEO of LAB Group , Kim Leskovsky - Founder of Iterate Norway, and Fou Brown - Global Business Director of MediaCom to explore what growth opportunities have presented themselves in these uncertain times.