Leader: the one who inspires

The leader is not the one who announces that he’s a leader, but rather the one who, through actions and values inspires other people to follow.

With disruption all around us, everybody is looking for strong leadership. Today, people are confused and uncertain and it takes real strength and ability to successfully lead businesses through such difficult times.

The final video in our Thriving in Uncertain Times series explores how leaders have changed their leadership approach during the pandemic and helped employees to stay positive and productive.



We speak to Fredrik Borestrom – Head of Agency, International for LinkedIn, Jo Carr - Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer at Hope and Glory, Maciej Galecki -  Founder and CEO of Bluerank, Fou Brown - Global Account Director for MediaCom and Jo Spink – Creative Strategist for Spink Healthcare to discuss how their leadership teams have reacted during the global pandemic.