Joe Hine to give M&A talk at The Drum Agency Acceleration Day

Doing It Better and Faster: How Can M&A Fit into Your Growth Story?

30th March | 11:40am – 12:10pm | London School of Economics SU | The Drum Agency Acceleration Day

Deciding to sell your business, whether the drivers are strategic, opportunistic, or desire for change can be daunting. And when is the right time? Join us at The Drum Agency Acceleration Day to hear Joe Hine, Partner at SI Partners, discussing acquirer priorities today, the new buyers dominating the market, the different types of deal now available and what this means for sellers.

SI Partners Drum Agency Acceleration Day 2017 M&A Joe Hine

Selling your business is an emotional and distracting process, but hugely rewarding if you find the right home. Joe will explore the highs and lows of selling a business with anecdotes from those who’ve been there and done it, offering insight into why you might wait and why you would strike now.


Join SI Partners at Doing It Better & Faster: how can M&A fit into your growth story? to discover the results of the survey, understand great deal logic and find out what a sale could mean for you and your business.


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Venue: London School of Economics Students Union, 1 Sheffield St, London WC2A 2AP