From CEO to Chair with Marc Nohr: The Art of Transition & Effective Leadership

"...the world needs better leaders. Businesses need better leaders. And making a small contribution to that effort gets me out of bed every day."

Joe sat down with Marc Nohr, a serial entrepreneur in the agency world - having sold two agencies and advised on the exit of several others. Marc shares his incredible personal and professional journey, including his commitment to philanthropy inspired by his mother, a Holocaust survivor.  

Marc draws connections between the leadership of business versus charity and discusses advancements in technology and global leadership.  

His professional history is fascinating. He founded and successfully grew the creative agency Kitcatt Nohr before selling to Publicis. Though it was not all plain sailing, we find out why the deal ended up in the High Court.  

Despite the challenges, Marc's passion led him back into the agency world with Fold7, focusing on the growth of its culture, its leaders and its clients. The business

Ultimately sold to Miroma, after which he successfully transitioned from CEO to Chairman of the advertising agency - a role he now performs across multiple businesses.

In this episode, we also discuss: 

  • Why selling your agency is just the beginning 
  • Taking a network to court and how he deals with stress 
  • Selling to Miroma Group and helping run a global network
  • The transition from CEO to Chairman 
  • The importance of giving back and what happened when he met David Beckham


00:00 An intro into Marc Nohr and his beginnings. 

07:53 Naming Kitcatt Nohr and the importance of agency names

14:46 2008 financial crash led to interest and potential acquisition of Kitcatt Nohr

20:07 Selling to Miroma and running a global agency network

23:58 Learning resilience, business and stress management.

29:23 Marc gives key advice for selling a business effectively.

36:54 Marc's commitment to charity work, mentoring and advocating philanthropy.

Podcast videos

Video 1: Why having different Partners in the agency resulted in success


Video 2: Be clear on why you are selling


Video 3: 'I wanted to help leaders lead'