The Betches Way: Humour, Authenticity, and Building a Media Business


Joe speaks with Aleen Dreksler, one of the founders of Betches, a business that started as a college blog in 2011 and has now evolved into a major player in women's media.

Aleen reminisces about how they were motivated by comedians like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to create a fresh comedic voice different from conventional 'cutesy' content, focusing on self-deprecating humour and relatability. The podcast delves into the importance of Betches' strategic use of platforms like Instagram, and partnerships to authentically engage their target audience, spearheading their growth. 

Aleen discusses the acquisition journey, how they coped with the many suitors for the business and why they eventually choose LadBible, emphasising the cultural and strategic fit of the merger. 

Throughout the conversation, Aleen highlights the importance of having a good team, fostering strong business relationships, expanding into new sectors, and maintaining a brand rooted in humour and authenticity.

Joe and Aleen also touch upon the underlying values that contributed to their sustainable growth, such as independence, creativity, and a strong sense of community among the founders.


00:00 Brand growth and LadBible partnership

09:22 The beginning of Betches, a college blog started by childhood friends

16:00 Monetising Betches and retaining quality of product

17:37 Starting the Betches instagram account

21:51 The power of partnerships in yielding high engagement and loyalty with their audience

24:15 In 2015, podcasts began to gain popularity, sparking the idea for a new show.

33:58 Offers to ‘buy only’ considered if value aligns with brand and culture. Why LadBible felt like a ‘home’ for Betches.

38:44 Long-term relationship building is more effective than protracted deal negotiations.

42:21 What’s next for Betches

Podcast videos

Video 1: Betches on verticalising their content and using self-deprecating humour to attract their audience

Video 2:  Managing the offers to buy Betches and their approach to those conversations

Video 3: Being acquired by LadBible Group