From Old Trafford to the Palace: Paddy Harverson on Mastering the Business of Media Relations

Joe speaks with Paddy Harverson, co-founder of Milltown Partners, who shares his insights from his time managing communications at Manchester United and Clarence House as well as running his own agency. 

Paddy discusses Milltown's unique approach of marketing their business, how they created a successful company culture, and selling the business to an employee ownership trust in 2021.

Paddy discusses his journalism background and its importance on his subsequent roles; navigating media relations at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson's watchful eye to managing the public image of King Charles and his royal household. He emphasises the importance of calmness, truthfulness, and maintaining professional boundaries in high-stakes environments. Paddy delves into the company's strategic focus on quality client relationships and honest communication, which has driven their reputation and growth, particularly in the tech and sports sectors.

Together they explore the foundational values that contributed to Milltown Partners' success, such as integrity, collaboration, and the privilege of selective project engagement. Lastly, they reflect on the evolving landscape of media and the crucial role of internal communications in navigating challenges like the pandemic.


00:00 Paddy Harverson on leadership, culture, and experiences.

10:55 Intensity of managing football communications, media content.

16:55 Representing and guiding Prince William and Harry through public life & media scrutiny

21:00 Handling the workload at the royal household.

24:59 Maintaining good media relationships 

30:27 Advance preparation for royal tours across continents.

34:15 World leaders gather to commemorate D Day.

42:27 Consistency in work, clients, hiring, and culture.

44:33 Being  selective about clients.

48:40 Evolution of business structure and media communications.

52:15 Internal communication is vital in business today.

Podcast videos

Video 1: Paddy Harverson on working at Clarence House

Video 2: Positioning Milltown Partners

Video 3: Selling the business to an employee ownership trust