From Poland to the World: Boldare’s Holacracy success story

Polish national Piotr Majchrzak is the Co-CEO of Boldare. With over 17 years of experience, he has weathered the IT industry's seismic shifts, founded and grown companies from ideas to international successes, and pioneered innovative management philosophies.  From establishing XSolve, custom software, to co-founding Chilid, where design met development, and culminating in the birth of Boldare, Piotr's journey is a testament to agility, innovation, and sheer determination.  He has utilised the Holacracy philosophy in his business from its early days. Piotr helps peel back the layers of this under-used business philosophy, and discusses why he adopted it and the reason it’s been so powerful for his organisations.  Boldare are one of the most exciting tech stories to come of Europe in recent times and Piotr has never left his home town in Poland where he runs the whole company.

We discuss:

1. The unfair advantage the young have when becoming an Entrepreneur

2. What is Holacracy and why it's the only solution for Boldare 

3. How Boldare achieved its 100% international client base