Sharpening your entrepreneurial toolkit

Timothy Armoo is a co-founder of Fanbytes, one of the UK's leading Gen Z social media and influencer marketing agencies. At Fanbytes, Timo created impactful work for the likes of Burger King, H&M, the UK Government, and Samsung before selling the business to Brainlabs in 2022. Named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his achievements in Media and Marketing, Timo started his entrepreneurial journey at just 17 when he started his first business and has gone on to start two more since.  

We discuss:

1. His strong sense of self and how that pulled him out of a difficult upbringing  

2. Understanding the games he can win and mentally levelling up

3. Selling his business and why he chose Brainlabs

4. “How to speak to white people”