The De-listing Decision: Insights from Barrie Brien

Barrie Brien, is Group CEO of STRAT7 with a wealth of experience leading and inspiring. This episode covers Barrie Brien's experiences as CEO of Unlimited and then co-founder and Group CEO of STRAT7. He discusses his journey at Unlimited, becoming a CEO for the first time, his plan to re-brand and restructure the business to allow the critical de-listing from the London Stock Exchange and into Private Equity ownership. Two years later he successfully co-founded STRAT7 by raising capital and bringing together like minded business to build a contemporary strategy, consulting and data practice. Four years and four acquisitions later the business is going from strength to strength. 

We discuss:

1. Why he re-branded a PLC

2. De-listing of Unlimited from the London Stock Exchange - the truths and challenges

3. Building a new private equity group from scratch 

4. Internal transformation and the importance of global operating platforms

5. The acquisition process and strategic fit